Lifestyle TRIBE Hotels Arrive in Southeast Asia

Lifestyle TRIBE Hotels Arrive in Southeast Asia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, November 14, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / Ennismore announces the arrival of TRIBE hotels in Southeast Asia, focused on key countries including Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines. TRIBE’s growth in Southeast Asia forms part of Ennismore’s global growth of its lifestyle brands.

Launched in 2019, TRIBE is an alternative lifestyle brand that is shaking up the rules of hospitality to fulfil the wants and needs of the modern traveller, without compromising on sophistication, style or functionality. TRIBE hotels are designed to focus on common areas to create multifunctional spaces that encourage connection between guests while providing that welcoming and familiar feeling. A TRIBE hotel offers far more than just accommodation – it provides collaborative workspaces, decompression zones and social destinations.

François Leclerc, Deputy Brand COO at Ennismore said: “We’re incredibly excited to debut TRIBE in Southeast Asia, bringing a new concept to the region. TRIBE is all about reshaping the traditional hotel experience into something that enables guests to stay, work and socialise in a truly contemporary environment. We know that TRIBE hotels will really excite modern travellers who are looking for simplicity, affordability, and connectivity in a high-end interior environment.  Our guests are true explorers – they could be out shopping, experiencing the local neighbourhood or out doing business, however they do want to return to a hotel that is both design driven and social. These diverse modern travellers are connected by a love of contemporary design, a spirit of adventure & a new understanding of what a functional, contemporary hotel should be. The TRIBE brand offers up the perfect solution.”

From the music selections to the choice of local coffee roasters, each TRIBE element is meticulously curated. TRIBE collaborates with different creative designers at each location, selecting elements to reflect the brand’s philosophy and unique vibe, creating an inclusive environment for everyone. Those drawn to TRIBE have a lust for life and are often more comfortable outside the box than in it. They’re always on the hunt for new experiences and stories to share.

Guest rooms combine style and comfort, with the latest technologies in a user-friendly and welcoming space. The approach to simplicity, complemented by polished interior design, is evident in each private space. The smart rooms feature high quality linens, intuitive connectivity, rain showers, signature robes, and Nespresso coffee machines.

Ennismore has already signed 50 TRIBE hotels and is aiming for rapid expansion with up to 150 to open globally within the next five years, including in Phnom Penh, Bali, Singapore, Phuket and Manila by 2025.